About: Bylaws

Article I. Purpose

The bylaws shall be a set of rules that will be a lesser authority than the Constitution and will further establish guidelines for the team.

Article II. Amendments

A two-thirds vote of the officers shall be required to amend the Bylaws, provided notice has been give on the proposed amendment(s) at the previous officer meeting.

Article III. Fines

Section 1. Fundraising Absenteeism

Any member who has committed to participate in any Crew fundraiser and does not attend such event will be fined $10. This is at the discretion of the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer and substantive and adequate warning of absence will remove said fine. Note: Substantive and adequate warning consists of phoning or e-mailing the Assistant Treasurer or Treasurer to inform of intended absence no less than 12 hours before the start of event.

Section 2. Hotel fees

There will be a $5 late fee on hotel dues not turned in before the last Georgia Tech Race the weekend of each individual hotel stay.

Article IV. Boat Names

Racing Shells added to the Crew fleet shall be named by the following procedure. Ideas shall be collected by the officers and condensed to a reasonable list. All student members will then vote on the names on this list. Using this vote as a guide, the officers following the Parliamentary procedure outlined in Article XI of the Constitution shall then vote and name the racing shell added to the Crew fleet.

Article V. Seasons Defined

Section 1. Spring Season

A spring season is defined as participating in every regatta a rower is entered in from January-May.

Section 2. Fall Season

A fall is defined as participating in every regatta a rower has a seat in from August-December.

Article VI. Awards

Section 1. Definition

Awards shall be given at the end of the year banquet in order to recognize outstanding achievements by members. Membership definition is outlined in Article III of the Constitution. Award recipients shall be submitted confidentially prior to the deadline set forth by the social promoter.

Section 2. Most Outstanding Contributor

Any member is eligible. The coaching staff of the entire team will select the individual who has contributed the most to Crew through athletic, administrative and/or general contributions to receive this award.

Section 3. Most Valuable Varsity Oarswoman

This is awarded to the Varsity Woman who has been the most valuable to the Varsity Women’s squad through athletic and leadership contributions. Selected by a confidential vote of the entire Varsity Women’s squad mediated by the Varsity Women’s coach.

Section 4. Most Valuable Varsity Oarsman

This is awarded to the Varsity Man who has been the most valuable to the Varsity Men’s squad through athletic and leadership contributions. Selected by a confidential vote of the entire Varsity Men’s squad mediated by the Varsity Men’s coach.

Section 5. Most Improved Varsity Oarswoman

This is awarded to the Varsity Woman who has improved her skill the most in the past year and is selected by the Varsity Women’s coach.

Section 6. Most Improved Varsity Oarsman

This is awarded to the Varsity Man who has improved her skill the most in the past year and is selected by the Varsity Men’s coach.

Section 7. Coaches Award Varsity Women

This is awarded to the Varsity Woman who has played a significant role in increasing the overall accomplishments of the Varsity Women’s squad through athletic, leadership, and motivational means and is selected by the Varsity Women’s coach.

Section 8. Coaches Award Varsity men

This is awarded to the Varsity Man who has played a significant role in increasing the overall accomplishments of the Varsity Men’s squad through athletic, leadership, and motivational means and is selected by the Varsity Men’s coach.

Section 9. Most Valuable Novice Oarswoman

This is awarded to the Novice Woman who has contributed the most to the Novice Women’s squad through athletic, administrative and/or general contributions and is selected by the Novice Women’s coach.

Section 10. Most Valuable Novice Oarsman

This is awarded to the Novice Man who has contributed the most to the Novice Men’s squad through athletic, administrative and/or general contributions and is selected by the Novice Men’s coach.

Section 11. John Hunter Award

The John Hunter Award is given each year to the individual or group of individuals who have done the most to benefit the rowing program at Georgia Tech. This award is given not only in thanks for financial support but also for generous donations of time and effort to the overall well being of the team.

In his support for the love of rowing and in his help in founding Georgia Tech Crew, John Hunter began a tradition of excellence associated with our club. Without the help of individuals such as Mr. Hunter (as those receiving this award), the Georgia Tech rowing program would not survive and flourish to the successful program that it has come to be over the years.

Section 12. Graduation Mugs

Any rower who has trained and raced with a Varsity squad for two spring seasons will receive a graduation mug at the final spring banquet courtesy of the team under the following circumstances:

    1. It is their last spring of eligibility.
    2. It is their last spring semester as an undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  


Article VII. Varsity Jackets

Section 1. Definition

Varsity Jackets are restricted to those rowers who fall under the following circumstances:

    1. A rower who has participated in three seasons. Seasons are defined in Article III.
    2. The rower has competed at the Dad Vail Regatta in a Varsity boat.

Section 2. Ordering

Varsity Jacket orders will be placed after each season (January and June). Orders can only be placed by the Assistant Treasurer or Treasurer. Only student members can request orders.

    1. An order will not be placed until Jacket is paid for.

Article VIII. E-mail Lists

Lists are meant for messages related to GT Crew ONLY. The following actions are forbidden and if violated are grounds for suspension/dismissal from the club at the discretion of the Officers of crew and/or Faculty Advisor.

  • Sending "spam" 
  • Vulgar emails (vulgar language and pornographic images)
  • Personal E-mails (one that does not pertain to a large portion of the team)
  • Signing the Crew e-mail list up for other email groups
  • Mention/promotion of alcohol or illegal activities
  • Any other activities prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct as defined by the Institute

Article IX. Officer’s Duties

Section 1. Common goals of the Officers

All officers will have the following common goals:

  1. To leave the team at a better point than when he or she took office.To look towards the future of the office and consider possible changes to better streamline and organize the functions of your office.
  2. To maintain and organized a collection of documents and information pertaining to your office in a binder/folder that will be easily passed on.
  3. To act on behalf of Crew for what it can be and not necessarily what is has been.
  4. To act on behalf of the entire team, not yourself or simply your squad.
  5. To work closely with all of the other officers to ensure that everyone’s work is completed in a timely fashion. In addition to recognize when fellow officers need assistance.
  6. At the close of your term, assist new officers in the understanding of their new office, as well as helping in the search for potential candidates.

Section 2. President’s Duties

In addition to what is described in the constitution, the president will:

  1. Preside at all meetings, conduct all official business, require orderly procedures at all times, and generally supervise the affairs of the team
  2. Responsible for general organization at all meetings (using Robert’s Rules of Order)
    • Using the guideline of the “Officer Checklist”, write weekly agendas for all officer meetings. From this guideline, ensure all votes and projects are completed in a timely matter.
    • Shall follow up on the activities and projects of crew to insure prompt completion
  3. Act as liaison for the entire team to all external entities (unless otherwise assigned).Such entities include the institute, the Sports Club director, all other boat clubs, St. Andrews Catholic Church, the city of Roswell, US Rowing, GT legal, GT risk management, the Sports Club Council meetings, and GTCA, and the team’s faculty advisor.
  4. Be responsible for the following specified projects:
    • Attending meetings with advisors, the Sports Club Council, the St. Andrews board
    • Calling to order coaches meetings as often as needed for the officers.
    • Complete all insurance matters.
    • Renew USRowing membership and the National Park Service (NPS) permit.
    • Coordinate officer elections (including novice reps).
  5. Retain executive decision – the ability to make a decision on behalf of the team in the event of an emergency.

Section 3. Vice Presidents’ Duties

In addition to what is described in the constitution, the Vice Presidents will:

  1. Act as representatives of their squad to the aid of the officers
    • Facilitate the collection of rowers contracts, dues, clothing orders, and any other payments or assistance needed by fellow officers
    • Maintain general communication including dates, bylaws, race schedules with respective squads
  2. Vice Presidents maintain contact with coaches in the following areas:
    • Signing of coaches contracts
    • Activation of all coaching Buzzcards
  3. Vice Presidents will work together in the coordination of Spring Training:
    • Work with the chef (in terms of their budget, travel, donations, and anything they need) as well as assigning a chef for the following year.
    • Coordinate a travel packet (described below), as well as equipment travel (with the assistance of the boathouse manager)
    • Develop a budget as soon as possible and notify team of costs.
    • Reserving rooms for the following year.
  4. All regatta entry is organized by the Vice Presidents. This includes:
    • The completion of entry forms (to be collected by the coaches at an assigned date, and not to be discussed amongst any member of Crew).
    • Request receipts from regatta directors for entry fees.
    • The collection of waivers.
    • Ensure SIRA and Dad Vail school renewals are paid by the treasurer.
  5. Transportation and housing is organized by the Vice Presidents for every Crew function. Such organization includes, but is not restricted to:
    • Make all truck and van reservations through CRC or a private rental.
    • Coordinate the training of van drivers.
    • Coordinating training of trailer drivers
    • Obtain deans excuses
    • Reserving and assigning hotel rooms
    • Create a travel packet for each regatta. Such packets include directions, maps, room assignments, car assignments, contact phone numbers, and any other pertinent information for the specified trip. It should be send via e-mail to the team in a timely matter so any changes can be made.
    • Notify all parties of Crew of travel plans in a timely fashion

Section 4. Secretary’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the Constitution, the Secretary will:

  1. Assist officers in all official correspondence
    • Create a full roster each semester.
    • Maintain and update mailing lists (Varsity, Novice, Officers) from the team roster @lists.gatech.edu.
  2. Develop and maintain historical statistics of GT Crew
  3. Organize food for regattas
  4. Mail all Roll Call gifts
  5. Update the club constitution and bylaws when amendments are made
  6. Report names to GTCA of graduating rowers (or rowers out of eligibility) every semester.
  7. Maintain the Friends of GT Crew (FOGTC), a list of contact information for friends and donors of the program.
  8. Maintain and distribute minutes of all meetings in a timely fashion
  9. Write (and order) all thank-you notes

Section 5. Treasurer’s Duties

In addition to what is in the constitution, the Treasurer will:

  1. Be Responsible for all Crew finances and accounts
    • Maintain well-organized books and documents of all finance
    • Know status of checking, CRC, and Foundation accounts to report weekly
    • Know the process of how money is deposited and withdrawn from each account, especially restrictions of use of funds from each account.
    • Maintain an accurate budget of each account
  2. Provide financial updates at every officer meeting including details of account balances, upcoming deposits, and other disbursements.
  3. Create and submit a budget to SGA for the following fiscal year.
  4. Create a working budget to for officers to function by
    • Set aside specified amounts for budgetary needs
    • Require verbal confirmation from officers, coaches, or members before reimbursable purchases are made
  5. Handle coaching payments.
  6. Initiate SGA bills:
    • Coordinate submission and proposal.
    • Follow up with purchase using money allocated from bill (if granted).
  7. Balance the team check book monthly.

Section 6. Assistant Treasurer’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the Constitution, the duties of the Assistant Treasurer include:

  1. The collection of all monies owed to the team through student members and outside groups Crew has worked for in fundraising.
    • Notify coaches and officers of outstanding dues.
  2. Coordinate the purchasing of all Crew clothing at the beginning of each semester. This includes authorizing who can get a varsity jacket following the criteria of Article V of the bylaws.
  3. Plan and coordinate fundraising events for the payment of rowers’ dues including:
    • Football Games with Barnes & Noble
    • Basketball Games with Barnes & Noble
    • Rent-a-Rowers in conjunction with the Fundraising Officer
  4. Keep detailed records of student member accounts.
    • Update student members of account balance as often as necessary via e-mail.
    • Ensure records are accurate when rolling over from season to season.
  5. Enforce the following rules with regards to student accounts:
    • Account balances must be zero before any student member is permitted to row at the start of each semester.
    • Monies from Crew cannot be transferred from member to member and personal checks are not written from positive balances.

Section 7. Public Relations Officer’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the Constitution, duties of the Public Relations Officer include:

  1. Coordinate all recruitment efforts
    • Prepare the recruiting letter and mail over the summer to all incoming freshmen
    • Reserve banner and display case space at the student center each semester
    • Reserve rooms for Meetings for the Curious each semester
    • Hang flyers advertising joining GT Crew in dorms, at CRC and around campus.
    • Chalk sidewalks around campus.
    • Submit plasma screen Ads to the Student Center and CRC
    • Plan, attend, and recruit current members to all FASET weekends.
  2. Coordinate the publishing of a minimum of three Crew newsletters a semester
  3. Publicize the success of Crew through the Technique, the AJC, Blueprint and any other community publications
  4. Write race recaps and post results after every race. Also send these updates to the GTCA communications chair.
  5. Gather photos, results, newsletters, articles, etc. to document Crew for the year.
  6. Manage upkeep of the website (www.gtcrew.com) in absence of a webpage manager.

Section 8. Fund-raising Officer’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the Constitution, duties of the Fund-raising Officer include:

    1. Seek out donors or sponsors
      • Create and disperse sponsorship guide with assistance from Public Relations Officer (should be updated and printed every few years)
      • Work with alumni and people at the Institute such as the Director of Development for Student Affairs to seek out donors
    2. Work with Secretary to ensure all thank-yous are sent out
    3. Organizing and promoting fund-drives in coordination with the GTCA
    4. Ensure that current fund-raising information is available for the website
    5. Organizing and promote various fundraisers including but not limited to:
      • Team calendar sale
      • Rent-a-Rower
      • Potential erg raffles
      • Auction
    6. Work with the president on various projects for the team's long-term financial development.

Section 9. Social Promoter’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the constitution, the Social promoter will be responsible for the following:

  1. Designing and ordering team T-shirts in a timely fashion.
  2. Organizing the annual Meet-the-Novice lunch/dinner/party at the beginning of each fall season
  3. Organizing the spring semi-formal
  4. Organizing the Spring Awards Banquet for coaches and rowers
    • Coordinate the awards selection amongst coaches
    • Reserve adequate space, pick a menu, and set the agenda for the banquet.
  5. Work closely with the GTCA board to plan the Homecoming Tailgate and the Spring Alumni Picnic

Section 10. Boathouse Manager’s Duties

In addition to what is written in the constitution, the Boathouse Manager will be responsible for the following:

  1. Conducting a general upkeep of Boathouse property.This may include the organization of boathouse cleanups when necessary, the maintenance of landscaping, and the assurance that the boathouse, shed, and dock are tidy.
  2. The upkeep of motor and launch maintenance.
    • a. Semi-annual motor servicing (early January and June)
      b. Launch registration
      c. Launch Light Maintenance
      d. Gas can refill and maintenance
      e. Oil maintenance
      f. Locking of launches on land when necessary (winter, spring and summer breaks)
  3. Oversee the maintenance of the trailer and truck (changing flats, checking tire pressure, checking turn signals and break lights work, monitor brake conditions, etc.) and take it to motor pool when it needs service.
  4. Assures van drivers follow procedures with help from the vice presidents.
  5. Work with the Vice Presidents in coordinating travel plans for all equipment.
  6. Oversee the distribution of keys and maintenance of locks.
  7. Oversee and organize painting blades when necessary.
  8. Choose and work with an assistant boathouse manager to carry out aforementioned duties.

Article X. Hotel Reservations & Cancellations

All rowers will be notified of hotel arrangements prior to the race. Rowers may cancel a hotel reservation up until 1 week before the race unless otherwise specified by a Vice President for that specific race.·         

Article XI. Trailer Driving

  • It is the responsibility of the current trailer driver(s) to seek out other eligible drivers, and train such individuals in a thorough manner as depicted in the Trailer Driver Training Manual
  • Coaches are permitted to drive the trailer
  • Ensure that the trailer passes the requirements set by the Trailer Driving Rules and Checklist before being transported
  • Work with the Vice Presidents to book a hotel room for additional nights to ensure all trailer drivers are well-rested
  • There shall only be three current trained trailer drivers at one time.

Article XII. Endowment Fund

Georgia Tech Crew, in conjunction with the Institution, has created an endowment fund account. The Endowment shall include, but not be limited to: the provision of shells, oars, and all manner of necessary boating equipment, such as docks, boathouses, motors, and launch boats; event entry fees; travel expenses; and coaching staff support. Our ambitious goal is to grow the endowment fund to $1,000,000 to sustain the club’s monetary needs stated above.

Article XIII. Van Driving

Rowers will be instructed by the Vice Presidents on how to receive van certification through the Campus Recreation Center.

Article XIV. Canavan Single Storage

Robert Canavan, upon retirement from coaching GT Crew, shall be permitted to store a 1x shell free of charge at the Roswell boathouse indefinitely. Robert Canavan’s permission cannot be inherited or delegated to any other individual without the majority approval of the active officer board.

Georgia Tech Crew strives to compete successfully at the highest level while providing the opportunity for all students to grow through dedication, competition, and teamwork.

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