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Mike Gibel

Position: Head Coach, Varsity Men's Coach
Email: Coach.Mike@gtcrew.com
College: Saint Joseph's University

Bio: Coach Mike graduated from Saint Joseph's University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mike competed on their varsity rowing team for all 4 years as a lightweight, and received medals from the Dad Vail Regatta, SIRA, Knecht Cup, and more, rowing under John Fife. Prior to St. Joe's Mike rowed for Pennsylvania Athletic Club with a second place finish in the Senior Lightweight 8+ at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Mike competed with the Atlanta Sculling Development Team under Curt Browder. Mike rowed 4 years at Saint Andrew Rowing Club with 3 invitations to the USRowing Youth Invitational.

Rodd Talebi

Position: Varsity Women's Coach
Email: Coach.Rodd@gtcrew.com
College: University of California - Los Angeles

Bio: Coach Rodd finished his third and final year as a rower for UCLA in 2014. In that time he medaled at WIRA three times (twice in the heavyweight varsity 8), selected to All WIRA First Team in 2014, competed twice at ACRA with the men's heavyweight varsity boat, and elected as Head Captain for his final season. After graduating, he spent a year as the assistant novice coach at his alma mater for the '14-'15 season. He completed a Masters in Analytics at Georgia Tech in 2016 and is excited to have the opportunity to coach the Women's Varsity squad, saying "It's going to be a good year."

Armando Chavez

Position: Varsity Men's Assistant Coach
Email: Coach.Armando@gtcrew.com
College: University of North Carolina

Bio: Coach Armando began rowing at the University of North Carolina as a novice during his sophomore year. During his time at UNC, he also rowed at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta for the West Side Rowing Club development camp in 2009. In 2011, Armando stroked UNC's coxed varsity four to a national championship win at ACRAs. After graduation, Armando participated in triathlons, adventure races, and a marathon. He returned to rowing after four years and finished third in the Director's Challenge 2x in 2015 with his father. He now trains at the Atlanta Rowing Club and will race the 1x this year at the Head of the Hooch and Head of the Charles. He most recently won the 1x at the Southeast Masters Nationals in 2016. Aside from his daily training, he also enjoys traveling and spending time with his two black Labradors. Armando currently works for Philips Healthcare.

Caroline Zahnow

Position: Varsity Women's Assistant Coach
Email: Coach.Caroline@gtcrew.com
College: University of Georgia

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Hayden McKinley

Position: Novice Men's Coach
Email: Coach.Hayden@gtcrew.com
College: Georgia Institute of Technology

Bio: Coach Hayden graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Hayden's first year coaching the Novice Men ended many medal droughts for the novices. This included a Head of the Hooch medal in the Novice Men 8+ (first in 5 years), Dad Vail bronze in the Novice Men 4+ (first in 6 years), and ACRA silver in the Novice Men 4+ (first novice men ACRA medal in GT history). Hayden hiked 300 miles of the AT post graduation, and is currently training for a marathon run.

Sarah Howard

Position: Novice Women's Coach
Email: Coach.Sarah@gtcrew.com
College: Georgia Institute of Technology

Bio: Coach Sarah attends Georgia Tech for a BS in Industrial Engineering. Sarah began rowing at Tech, where she had been both a rower and coxswain. During her time at Tech, Sarah held an officer position as Women's Vice President. Her first semester coaching ended with the novice women posting their best Fall performance in over five years.

Alec Kaye

Position: Novice Men's Assistant Coach
Email: Coach.Alec@gtcrew.com
College: Georgia Institute of Technology

Bio: Coach Alec graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He competed with Georgia Tech Crew for all four years as a lightweight and heavyweight and received gold medals from the Dad Vail Regatta, SIRA, ACRA, and more. While at Tech, Alec held officer positions as Secretary, Men's Vice President, and President. Prior to Tech, Alec did not row.

David Carlock

Position: Novice Women's Assistant Coach
Email: dkcarlock1567@gmail.com
College: Georgia Institute of Technology

Bio: Coach Carlock attends Georgia Tech for a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He competed with Georgia Tech Crew for four consecutive years as a lightweight rower. In 2017, he won the Bob Negaard at the 83rd annual Dad Vail regatta in Philadelphia. Prior to Tech, Carlock did not row. He currently works for AHA Consulting Engineers.


Varsity Men

Name Years on crew Major Hometown
Galvin Brady 2 Materials Science and Engineering Canterbury, Kent
George Burdell 6 Engineering Atlanta, GA
Mario Dinatti 3 Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Rome, GA
Carlos Fernandez-Otero 3 Mechanical Engineering Caracas, Venezuela
Austin Gunnarson 4 Biomedical Engineering Longmont, CO
Tory Heyerdahl 3 Aerospace Engineering Alpharetta, GA
Marc Larvie 2 Aerospace Engineering Springfield, VA
Sarah Leftwich 2 Chemistry Roswell, GA
Sean Meiller 3 Aerospace Engineering Springfield, VA
Michael Mutkoski 2 Computer Science Duxbury, MA
Ethan Neault 3 Mechanical Engineering Marietta, GA
Nakul Sharma 4 Industrial Engineering Atlanta, GA
Collins Sherrill 1 Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics Savannah, GA
Jacob Sutton 2 Mechanical Engineering Roswell, GA
George Wang 2 Computer Science Atlanta, GA

Novice Men

Name Years on crew Major Hometown
Deniz Acil 1 Electrical Engineering Istanbul, Turkey
Zach Adams 1 Materials Science and Engineering Groton, Massachusetts
Christian De La Pena 1
Felix Faltings 1
Michael Fan 1 Computer Science Devon, PA
Mitchell Ketcham 1 Materials Science and Engineering Woodstock, GA
Clara Kim 1 Business Administration Johns Creek, GA
Gianni Natale 1 Biomedical Engineering Allendale, NJ
Matthew Nyce 1 Civil Engineering Savannah, GA
Kayla Romero 1 Biomedical Engineering Pensacola, FL
Rama Sambatur 1 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Johns Creek, GA
Scotty Smith 1 Civil Engineering Atlanta, GA
Bruce Yang 1 Aerospace Engineering Shanghai, China

Varsity Women

Name Years on crew Major Hometown
Kate Bitzko 4 Industrial Engineering Littleton, CO
Rachel Boutom 3 Biomedical Engineering Fair Lawn, NJ
Mandy Davis 3 Business Administration Lillehammer, Norway
Kaela Frazier 3 Materials Science and Engineering Williamsburg, VA
Liza Joyce 4 Environmental Engineering Dunwoody, GA
Roshni Malde 3 Civil Engineering Greenville, SC
Hannah Murray 2 Civil Engineering Orlando, FL
Mackenzie Norfolk 3 Mechanical Engineering Atlanta, GA
Renee Puvvada 4 Materials Science and Engineering Marietta, GA
Sabrina Russell 4 Mechanical Engineering Liverpool, NY
Laurane Saliou 2 Le Relecq-Kerhuon, FR
Courtney Smith 3 Chemical Engineering Laguna Hills, CA
Tera Sparks 3 Nuclear and Radiological Engineering O'Fallon, IL
Rachel Stacks 3 Industrial Engineering Atlanta, GA
Kelly Storrs 4 Mechanical Engineering St. Louis, MO
Johanna Tomkiewicz 2 Mechanical Engineering West Chester, PA
Blaine Weinmann 2 Civil Engineering Orlando, FL

Novice Women

Name Years on crew Major Hometown
Emma Baubly 2 Industrial Engineering Chicago, IL
Lesley Brewer 2 Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Canton, GA
Manzhen Chen 2 Biomedical Engineering Lakeland, FL
Karyna Doering 2 Biomedical Engineering Camp Hill, PA
Yunqing Jia 2 Aerospace Engineering China
Hannah Lachmayr 2 Biology Fayetteville, GA
Morgan Mango 2 Computer Engineering Madison, AL
Elena May 2 Computer Science Augusta, GA
Juliana Petrillo 2 Chemical Engineering Savannah, GA
Lindsay Platt 2 Biomedical Engineering Atlanta, GA
Maya Pogrebinsky 2 Computer Science Atlanta, GA
Brianna Prindle 2 Biomedical Engineering Miami, FL
Julia Redstone 2 Computer Science Needham, MA
Hannah Shotwell 2 Biochemistry Gainesville, GA
Itzel Trejo 2 Mechanical Engineering Torreon, Mexico
Yelizaveta Utkina 2 Biology Moscow, Russia
Laura Velasquez 2 Computer Science Bogota, Colombia
Becca Volk 2 Aerospace Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
Amanda Walters 2 Mechanical Engineering Acworth, GA
Grace Willows 2 Materials Science and Engineering Friday Harbor, WA
Ellen Zwartkruis 2 Industrial Engineering Atlanta, GA


Position Name Email
President Nakul Sharma president@gtcrew.com
Men's Vice President Galvin Brady mensvp@gtcrew.com
Women's Vice President Liza Joyce womensvp@gtcrew.com
Treasurer Tyler Oliver treasurer@gtcrew.com
Public Relations Rachel Stacks publicrelations@gtcrew.com
Secretary Brandon Burnette secretary@gtcrew.com
Assistant Treasurer Courtney Smith assistanttreasurer@gtcrew.com
Fundraising Jacob Sutton fundraising@gtcrew.com
Social Promoter John Riordan socialpromoter@gtcrew.com
Boathouse Manager Ethan Neault boathousemanager@gtcrew.com
Assistant Boathouse Manager Sean Meiller boathousemanager@gtcrew.com

Georgia Tech Crew strives to compete successfully at the highest level while providing the opportunity for all students to grow through dedication, competition, and teamwork.

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