Archived News: 2016: February

February 28, 2016

Clemson Scrimmage

On Saturday, February 27, Georgia Tech Crew headed east to Clemson University for a scrimmage hosted by the Clemson Rowing Club. The scrimmage featured the men’s and women’s teams from Clemson, Georgia, Emory, and the College of Charleston. The regatta was held over the 2000m buoyed course on Lake Hartwell.

Racing commenced at 10:00AM with the varsity women’s eights. Tech had a strong showing with a second place finish. The novice men cruised to a victory in their eight race next. The novice women’s first boat ended fifth with the second boat close behind in the fours race. Up next were the varsity men’s fours, where the first boat won easily in their race. The next race was a combination of the second varsity fours and the lightweight fours, which saw Tech’s second and lightweight fours take first and second respectively. The lightweight four was the fastest lightweight boat in the heat. The women’s varsity eight raced once more and this time was narrowly beat to second place by Emory. The morning races were concluded with another race for the novice men’s eight, which fought hard for a second place finish.

Racing resumed after a lunch break at noon as conditions began to deteriorate. The novice women’s eight took second place in the wind and waves. The men’s varsity eights dominated their races with easy victories in both the first and second heats. Tech’s varsity women first four achieved a second place finish in their heat, followed by a fifth place finish for the second four. The novice men’s fours took first and seventh place in their final race of the day. The varsity men wrapped up a great day of racing with a tie for first in the first boat and an open water victory for the second boat.

The scrimmage acted as a primer to the upcoming spring season, which continues on Saturday, March 19 at John Hunter Regatta at the Lake Lanier Olympic Course.

Varsity Lineups

MV8 M2V8 WV8 (1) WV8 (2)
C David Miranda C Erin Winger C Kaitlyn Estep C Kaitlyn Estep
S Galvin Brady S James Johnson S Beth Thomas S Beth Thomas
7 James Gloyd 7 Will Snyder 7 Hannah Heyerdahl 7 Hannah Heyerdahl
6 Joshua Johnston 6 Christiaan Vanderlinde 6 Jenna Alchevsky 6 Jenna Alchevsky
5 Jack Olinde 5 Xing Liu 5 Liza Joyce 5 Liza Joyce
4 Sean Meiller 4 Jeff Gordon 4 Kelly Storrs 4 Kelly Storrs
3 Alec Kaye 3 Steel Templin 3 Catherine Woodburn 3 Emmaline Fisher
2 Gianni Saportini 2 Carlos Fernandez 2 Katherine Hewitt 2 Mandy Davis
B David Carlock B Nakul Sharma B Jasmine Al-Aidy B Sabrina Russell
MV4 M2V4 ML4 WV4 W2V4
C David Miranda C Kevin Wang C Erin Winger C Kaitlyn Estep C Stephanie Pham
S James Gloyd S Alec Kaye S Galvin Brady S Beth Thomas S Catherine Woodburn
3 Joshua Johnston 3 Gianni Saportini 3 David Carlock 3 Hannah Heyerdahl 3 Emmaline Fisher
2 Jack Olinde 2 Christiaan Vanderlinde 2 Will Snyder 2 Jenna Alchevsky 2 Mandy Davis
B Sean Meiller B Xing Liu B James Johnson B Katherine Hewit B Sabrina Russell

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