Archived News: 2014: November

November 26, 2014

Women’s Team Fall Wrap-Up

Chattanooga Head Race:

    Chattanooga Head Race, as always, brings the taste of Fall and the flavor of competition to the Women’s team. The Varsity Women’s 8+ raced hard against multiple University of Alabama crews, placing fifth overall. The Novice Women’s 2nd 8+ received a bronze medal, coming in the top three of the boats competing – an amazing accomplishment! Another medal was awarded to the Novice Women’s 8+ later on in the day as they came in second place right behind powerhouse University of Alabama. In the final event of the day, the Varsity Women’s 4+ earned a solid placement, coming in second position of the club teams and behind more University of Alabama crews and University of Tennessee crews. Weekend racing, although starting off rainy and gloomy, ended sunny for all!

Head of the Charles Regatta:

    The Varsity women, having won bronze in the Women’s Collegiate 4+ last fall, began in bow position two. With fierce competition from bow’s 3 and 4, Trinity College and Bowdoin College respectively, Georgia Tech women finished in bow position 4, placing in position 14th overall. This placement guarantees this boat for the 51st Head of the Charles in 2015.
    The rest of the weekend was spent exploring the beautiful 3-mile course and watching former GT-rower Sam Casto in the Women’s Championship 8+ win Gold in the collegiate division.
    With two races under everyone’s belt, GT Women are coming into the Head of the Hooch confident and ready to race hard.

November 26, 2014

Men’s Team Fall Wrap-Up

    The varsity men of Georgia Tech medaled in every event they entered at the Head of the Chattanooga Regatta, claiming gold in six out of their seven events and guaranteeing Georgia Tech the 2014 College Point Trophy. Notable boats include the V8+ A finishing 49.32 seconds ahead of second; the V4+ A finishing 41.65 seconds ahead; L4+ A finishing 11.35 seconds ahead; and all three coxless pairs sweeping first, second, and third — with Shaughnessy and Shilpp (bow) 1.47 seconds ahead of Kazlow and McKenzie (bow) for first place. In the singles events, McKenzie (open) placed first, Tuttle (open) placed third, McKinley (recreational) placed first, and Schenck (lightweight) placed second.
    A collegiate eight and four were sent to Cambridge, Massachusetts for the 50th Head of the Charles. The eight crew of coxswain Robaina, stroke Gloyd, Teissler, Johnston, Moon, Wright, Beauchemin, Olinde, and bow England placed 11 out of 44, despite being in 20th place by the halfway marker. They finished 4.06% off from first place Michigan RA, and are guaranteed an entry next year. The four crew of coxswain C. Hayden, stroke Rojas, Rahaim, Wang, and bow Gunnarson placed 41st.
    Due to inclimate weather, the Head of the Hooch regatta was cancelled.
    The official Fall season events ended at Head of the South in Augusta, Georgia, where Georgia Tech received their second first-place College Point Trophy of the season. The varsity men’s V8+ A crew and L8+ crew — both entered in the same Championship event — placed first and third, respectively. The V8+ B crew placed third in the Club event. The men also received gold in the Champ 4+ event; silver in the Lightweight 4+ event; and bronze in the Club 4+ event. For the first time in Georgia Tech history, a crew was fielded in the Mixed 8+ event. The mix crew of coxswain McKay, stroke O’Connor, Bonin, Kazlow, McKenzie, Kaye, McKinley, Archambault, and bow Heyerdahl posted a bronze-medal time in their event.

    The Novice Men began with extraordinary power on the ergs, pulling varsity-level splits early in the season. They were unable to place against stiff competition at Chattanooga, as a result of a buoy penalty that stripped the Second Novice 8+ A crew of a silver medal. Over at the Head of the South regatta, the Freshman Novice 4+ won gold by an impressive 73.6 seconds. The squad shows great promise for the Spring season with their raw strength and eagerness to learn the technique.

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