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September 16, 2012

Fall 2012 Race Schedule is Here!

Mark your calendars! This Fall Tech will be racing at the 20th Annual Chattanooga Head race in Chattanooga, TN (10/13); Head of the Charles (four boats!) in Boston, MA (10/20-21); Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, TN (11/3-4); and Head of the South in Augusta, Ga (11/10). Come support Georgia Tech Crew and stay tuned for official GTCA events at select races!

October 14, 2012

Georgia Tech Takes College Points Trophy at Chattanooga Head Race - and some schedule corrections!

Georgia Tech Crew started off its season strong yesterday with a large 170 point gap against the next highest scoring college team for the points trophy.

Individual event results are available on the results page and can also be viewed at Regatta Central’s results page below:

Also, instead of attending the Head of the South in Augusta this year, Georgia Tech will again host a scrimmage at Lake Lanier against several other collegiate crews. Race day will still be November 10th.

November 2, 2012

Charles Results and Hooch Lineups

Georgia Tech had a great showing against Varsity rowing programs in Boston on October 20th and 21st. Results are as follows:

Saturday, Oct 20
Event 17: 1:20 PM Men’s Club Eights
Event 28: 3:55 PM Women’s Collegiate Fours

Sunday, Oct 21
Event 50: 3:43 PM Men’s Collegiate Eights
37/37 (This boat lost their skeg on a buoy-line, which caused them to be unable to steer on a very curvy and dangerous course – finishing without a skeg is an achievement, had they not been penalized for collision, they would have still gotten 27th place)
Event 51: 4:00 PM Women’s Collegiate Eights

Head of the Hooch is tomorrow, event schedule is as follows:
Event 4: Women’s Club 8+ 9:05 AM
Event 12: Men’s Collegiate and Club Novice 4+ 10:27 AM
Event 16: Men’s College and Club Novice 8+ 11:49 AM
Event 17: Men’s Lightweight 8+ 12:06 AM
Event 18: Men’s Championship 8+ 12:20 PM
Event 29: Women’s College and Club Novice 4+ 2:21 PM
Event 32: Women’s College and Club Novice 8+ 3:45 PM

Event 48: Men’s Championship 1× 8:50 AM
Event 49: Women’s Championship 1× 8:57 AM
Event 50: Men’s Lightweight 1× 9:02 AM
Event 65: Men’s Novice 1× 10:33 AM
Event 66: Women’s Novice 1× 10:40 AM
Event 70: Women’s Open 2- 11:21 AM
Event 73: Men’s Open 8+ 11:55 AM
Event 74: Women’s Open 8+ 11:58 AM

Pump it up!

November 9, 2012

Results Posted

Results are now posted at for Head of the Charles and Head of the Hooch.

We would also like to take this time to thank two time Gold Olympian (2008 and 2012) in the Women’s 8+ Erin Cafaro for coming to speak to Georgia Tech Crew about her experiences as a rower and athlete on her “I Love to Win” tour. For more information about Erin, visit

December 18, 2012

GT Crew Enters the World Records

As if the finals week wasn’t grueling enough, two varsity women took on a challenge most of us would never even joke about doing – the 24 hour erg challenge. On Friday December 14th while most people were celebrating the end of the semester, Sam Casto and Sofia Tuttle both set out to break the open weight and lightweight records respectively for ages 19 and under. In addition, Sofia also aimed to break the record for the longest continual row in which you must row for at least 50 minutes of each hour. As they both rowed more than 200,000 meters and Sofia rowed for approximately 20.5 hours of the 24, we welcome three new world records to the accomplishments of Georgia Tech Crew and offer a huge congratulations to them both!

December 28, 2012

2013 Erg Sales

Erg Sprints are just around the corner! Order your own erg by visiting Contact information and price (save on shipping!) are available at that page as well!

More details (February 9th 2012, Georgia Tech CRC) can be found through the GT Crew Alumni Affinity’s Facebook Events:

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