Archived News: 2012: April

April 15, 2012


Tech Raced yesterday at the FIRA Championship. This was the first year a 2000 meter course was used for the Championship in Sarasota. The Men’s Light Four brought home the only gold, while the Women’s Novice Eight and the Men’s Varsity Four brought home Silver Medals. Bronze crews include the Men’s Varsity Eight, the Men’s Novice Eight, and pairs from both the Men’s and Women’s squads!

April 23, 2012

SIRA Championships

At the SIRA Championships this weekend, we saw some exciting racing from Georgia Tech. SIRAs are the first race where each rower may only race once. The Men’s Light Four and Heavy Eight both just missed grand finals to crush in B Finals, while the Women’s Varsity Eight placed third in C Finals. The Novice Fours both raced in D Finals, with the Men placing third, and the Women placing first. The Men’s Novice Eight Placed 6th in B Finals. The Women’s Novice Eight placed 5th in Grand Finals against varsity squads, beating all other club teams, making them SIRA Club Champions!

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